van 17

A Slim All-Rounder

The friendlyway van 17 is, due to the great amount of potential space, a real all-rounder when it comes to installing as many components as possible into one device.

The robust aluminium-anodized surface permanently protects the housing against wear. The crystal clear, bright display with robust protective screen guarantees a protective effective presentation of your products.

The secure but easy opening service front provides easyaccess at any time to the installed components.

Therefore, the friendlyway van 17 is a real space saver with much space for your ideas and visions.

Внешний вид оборудования:

Размеры экрана:

Технические характеристики:

  • Считыватель Магнитных Карт
  • Клавиатура
  • Веб Камера
  • Микрофон
  • Считыватель Чиповых Карт
  • Считыватель Карт Памяти
  • Монетоприемник
  • Купюроприемник
  • Лазерный Принтер
  • Термальный Принтер